The extension of electronic document management systems into isolators

Hospital pharmacy, radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine departments are rapidly adopting electronic document management systems. Envair has been instrumental in extending the availability of this technology into those aseptic units that choose Envair isolators.

Electronic document management largely removes the need for hard copies of documents such as procedures and protocols for everyone who needs to refer to them. Instead these are accessed via networked computers. This minimises the risk of out-of-date documents being used by mistake and facilitates a more robust system for regular review and updating. However, until now aseptic units have had to have hard-copy versions of worksheets and SOPs taken in.

Envair responded initially by building several isolators with LCD monitors mounted in the rear wall to allow operators to access information, but not to input information or to respond to requests. This limitation was then overcome by sourcing and installing suitable LCD touchscreen monitors which allowed operators to feed information back in real time.

Staff are now able to use digital versions of worksheets and SOPs during production sessions in aseptic units. Elimination of hard copies brings all the benefits of electronic document management to aseptic work and also, importantly, removes a potential source of contamination.

Another benefit of having LCD touchscreens inside isolators is the potential for interactive training. Training material can be produced locally or sourced externally and used for training on all aspects of isolator use and aseptic work.

The ultimate aim of many departments is to run a fully integrated database system. Computer access inside the isolators is fundamental to such a system.

All LCD monitors and touchscreens selected by Envair are fully resistant to cleaning materials normally used in hospital pharmacies and the way that they are integrated into the isolator design ensures that there is no effect on pressure integrity. LCD monitors and LCD touchscreen monitors in a variety of sizes are available as optional extras on all isolators in the Envair range, both positive and negative.

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