C-Flow W powder weighing cabinets

The Envair C-Flow W has been specially adapted from the standard C-Flow cabinet to be suitable for high accuracy balance weighing of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Laboratory balances in the C-Flow 'W' can achieve four figure balance stability without an air shroud and five figure balance stability with an air shroud, within five seconds. Features include:

  • EU GMP Grade A or ISO Class 5 air quality or better
  • Aperture protection factor (Apf) ≥ 105 to BS EN 12469:2000 when operated at normal airflow speeds
  • Stainless steel work surface with mechanically isolated granite slab for enhanced balance stability
  • Spacious (wider and deeper) work area to accommodate computer monitor, bar coder, labelling machine tube rack, or any other equipment
  • Slide-out tray underneath for computer keyboard
  • Power and computer links into work area
C-Flow W powder weighing cabinets

For more information please view PDF icon Product Sheet No. 638 72KB pdf.

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