Envair is able to carry out turnkey projects in partnership with other companies in the Bassaire Group. These projects include cleanrooms for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and microelectronics, hospital pharmacy aseptic suites and biological containment facilities, all designed and built on a turnkey basis to the relevant standards and guidelines. Examples are:

Hospital pharmacy aseptic suites

Stem cell laboratories

Pharmaceutical production cleanroom facilities

Medical device manufacturing facilities

Transportable sterile suites

  • Pre-constructed modular cleanrooms, factory assembled and kitted out with Envair isolators or any other Envair clean air and containment products and delivered to the customer in a finished state, ready for connection to pre-installed services and available for almost immediate occupation with minimal site disruption

Microbiological containment facilities

Cleanroom accessories

  • Pass through hatches
  • Step over benches
  • Cleanroom benching
  • Cleanroom chairs
  • Cleanroom lockers

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